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The Genbukan

Kinkan Dojo Belt Tests Sept 2019

The Genbukan was established by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei in November 1984 and is dedicated to preserving and teaching the Japanese martial arts in the traditional Japanese way.


The name "Genbukan" means the place that nurtures martial art professionals. "Gen" can also mean black, indicating a place of practise that specialises in techniques that are mysterious, strange and marvellous.

The Systems of Martial Arts Taught


  • Amatsu Tatara Bumon & Shumon: ancient spiritual and physical lessons

  • Ninpo: the factual portrayal of Ninjutsu

  • Kokusai Jujutsu (KJJR): traditional Jujutsu

  • Ryu-Ha: the original lineages of the martial arts schools

  • Koryu Karate: old school Chinese hand methods

  • Chugoku Kenpo: Chinese martial arts systems

  • Goshin-jutsu: modern self defence applications


Each year the Genbukan offers martial arts training seminars, called Taikai, in the UK and abroad. Taikai are a great opportunity to train directly with the Grandmaster and his highest ranking students. The Kinkan Dojo always has the opportunity to travel to Taikai and participate in the training.


The Genbukan family extends to more then 30 countries around the world and represents a true connection to ancient warrior skills. For further information please visit Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei's website

Jason's enthusiasm and energy knows no bounds. He is a master at his art and a wonderful teacher to children and adults alike. My son has been attending his classes for many years and Jason's teachings have helped Kyle with his social skills, concentration and confidence in all aspects of his life as well as having fun whilst keeping fit. I have been attending the adult classes for 7 years and have benefitted physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel very fortunate we found the Kinkan Dojo when we were looking for a martial art for Kyle.

Hayley, mother of Kyle

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