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After 3 solid months of swinging swords around in our living rooms, we are finally going back to physical lessons at 2 of our 3 locations!

We will be returning to training at Abbs Cross Leisure Centre, Hornchurch on Wednesday 21st April, and at Oaks Park School, Newbury Park, on Thursday 29th April. We have all our return to training procedures in place, as well as enhanced hygiene protocols.

Unfortunately we cannot return back to our Monday evening classes at present, but with less than 75 days to go until we reach Stage 4 of the Government's Roadmap for a return to a normal way of life, it won't be too long until we are back to offering 5 lessons a week!

We can't wait to get back on the mats, and if you would like to join us then please give Jason a call!


The link below will be of interest to those of you who practise with an Iaito (training sword) or other weapons as part of your martial arts training. There is currently a 3 month amnesty in progress to hand in illegal weapons to the police. If you legitimately use a sword in your martial arts training then you have a defence in law to keep and transport your sword, but your membership must be in date.

The link below is well worth a read if you use training weapons.


We finally returned to training last week. We have written our new training procedures based upon Government Guidelines and our risk assessments have been written and submitted. Our students now train socially distanced, and we have enhanced hygiene protocols in place to ensure our training is now as covid-secure as possible. The feedback from students and parents is that they feel quite safe in the new training environment.

The safety of our students and instructors takes absolute priority and our new processes are designed to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into contact with the dojo.

Its been a tough 6 months but its great to be back!

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