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I have been going for a while now. I am 7 and love this out of all my clubs. It is the best. We also play games and learn to exercise as well as new words. Mummy says I have come on since I started. It is good.

Daniella Appleton, 7 years old

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Amatsu Tatara

Amatsu Tatara, the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit

What is the Amatsu Tatara?


This ancient system is the source of all martial arts training within Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei's Genbukan organisation. The Amatsu Tatara is not very well known, even in Japan. However its secret scrolls are well known to special Japanese scholars and spiritual experts.


The teachings of the Amatsu Tatara include both martial arts techniques (known as Bumon) and spiritual training (known as Shumon). Bumon literally means "martial gate" and teaches the physical methods that allow us to protect ourselves and others. Shumon literally means "spiritual gate" and teaches us to reflect upon our actions, and improve society by taking responsibility for our actions.


To be a complete martial artist we must train in both Bumon and Shumon to attain correct balance, physically and spiritually.


Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei is the 28th generation Grandmaster of this ancient tradition which has a lineage that goes back 2,700 years.


Within the Genbukan the Amatsu Tatara is taught to senior students directly by the Grandmaster. In 2009 Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei gave the first ever seminar on Amatsu Tatara in Ireland.


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