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My name is Calvin and I love my lesson with my Sensei and my Sempai. I can't wait until I am blackbelt.

Calvin Kendall, 7 years old

Genbukan Kinkan Dojo: London’s Premier Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Training Centre


My 7 year old son wanted to do martial arts so we tried out two local clubs to see what suited him best. Jason's club won hands down. It is well organised, friendly and fun. I especially like the fact that there are a number of assistants which means that the children can be divided into groups based on level instead of everyone having to go through the same techniques. This means that the children are always learning and improving and no-one gets left behind. I will definitely sign my youngest up as soon as he is old enough!

Samantha Oates

Son Damian, 7 years old


The Kinkan Dojo allows people from all walks of life to channel their energy in a constructive manner. The classes are very structured with individual and team goals. The teachers encourage students to behave in an appropriate way inside and away from the dojo. I am still a novice, but in the few weeks I have been a member I have found that I am healthier and have a new found respect for my general wellbeing.

Harjinder Singh, 7th kyu


The classes are great, where people from all walks of life train hard and share a passion for the traditional martial arts. Everyone is helpful and makes all new starters welcome. Highly recommended for those looking for real martial arts experience.

Hetal Panchal, 7th kyu


My son has now been learning martial arts here for nearly 2 years and is still thoroughly enjoying it. The teachers are fantastic with both children and adults, encouraging them throughout every class. I would recommend the Kinkan Dojo to every parent for themselves or their children, its truly first class.

Gary Netley

Son Georgie, 9 years old


I have only just started studying Ninpo but have been very impressed with the attitude and teaching of Jason and the high level grades, who assist us learners. Looking at the syllabus and what the other students are doing, the depth of study is incredible, and even after 4 lessons I am starting to feel more fit! I certainly plan to continue studying here, and am really enjoying the training.

David Asbury, 7th kyu


This is a very well managed, friendly club led by Jason. By learning a traditional, authentic Japanese martial art my son is not only learning the physical practice of self defence but also mentally he is learning more about himself, self control and self discipline. My son is truly inspired and his self confidence has increased tenfold. The members are all so welcoming and they all have great respect for each other, pity this isn't compulsory to learn in schools!

Gill Gooch

Son Jared 3r kyu


This is a great club to belong to as Jason is dedicated to helping and improving all his pupils and everyone gets his attention, whether you are a new student or one of his top students. Jason is also very dedicated and passionate about teaching and his loyalty and faith in the martial arts makes you feel the same.

Rod Hunt, 8th kyu


The Kinkan Dojo is by far the best and well managed dojo's that I have trained at, in a friendly atmosphere that always welcomes new students. I have been training for 2 and a half years now and look forward to midweek and weekend sessions. The emphasis is serious yet controlled and relaxed, and I see myself training for many more years to come.

Tony Woolgrove, 5th kyu


I have been a member of a few martial arts clubs in the past 2 years, and this is the first I have stuck with. The reason? Well it is the best I have been too so far. What you will find here is a friendly, truly fun environment to train in, and a disciplined and well taught one to succeed in. Jason manages to bring about a perfect balance in his teaching, with everything explained so you truly understand what it is your learning and how it works. This shows its benefits in class as it instantly becomes apparent all Jason's students are on top of their game which is really rare to find. After all you can always judge a class by its weakest member, and you will be hard to find one here!

Graham Hirst, 8th kyu


The Kinkan Dojo is fantastic!!! The training is ideal for all ages and abilities and I cannot recommend it enough! After joining I got my little brother involved and he loves it just as much as I do. Having participated in many different martial arts over the years this definitely stands alone at the top of the list, the training structure and encouragement you receive at the Kinkan Dojo ensure this is a very rewarding way to spend your free time.

Laurence Brown, 6th kyu


My name is Billy and I am 6 and a half. I have been training with Jason for about 6 months and I love it. Every lesson is fun and I learn lots. All the instructors are really nice and helpful and I feel happy asking them for help if I need it. The uniform is cool too.

My son loves this class, I have noticed a great improvement in his behaviour and general attitude since he started this class. Its great to see my little man enjoy something that is educational, I'm very glad I enrolled him.

Tony Kendall


My name is Calvin and I love my lesson with my Sensei and my Sempai. I can't wait until I am blackbelt.

Calvin Kendall, 7 years old


If you're into martial arts already, or you just have an interest in doing something new - you will not be disappointed by trying our a few classes with Jason, at the Kinkan Dojo. A great range of classes, enjoyable but sweat breaking. I think every student looks forward to going to class, purely because of the environment and the real desire to improve. A great place to go!

Scott Woods, 9th kyu


To train at the Kinkan Dojo is a privilege and something that should not be over looked. Each training session there is always something new to be learnt. Everyone that trains at Kinkan Dojo is really friendly, so you will be instantly welcome to be a part of the Dojo. Jason is an exceptional teacher who will always be there to guide you through the patterns that you will learn. This is a martial art, that is not like any others!

Gideon Forbes, Shodan


I have been going for a while now. I am 7 and love this out of all my clubs. It is the best. We also play games and learn to exercise as well as new words. Mummy says I have come on since I started. It is good.

Daniella Appleton, 7 years old

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