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I have been a member of a few martial arts clubs in the past 2 years, and this is the first I have stuck with. The reason? Well it is the best I have been too so far. What you will find here is a friendly, truly fun environment to train in, and a disciplined and well taught one to succeed in. Jason manages to bring about a perfect balance in his teaching, with everything explained so you truly understand what it is your learning and how it works. This shows its benefits in class as it instantly becomes apparent all Jason's students are on top of their game which is really rare to find. After all you can always judge a class by its weakest member, and you will be hard to find one here!

Graham Hirst, 8th Kyu

Genbukan Kinkan Dojo: London’s Premier Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Training Centre

The Dojo

Genbukan Training

There is something very special about being a part of a traditional martial arts lineage that dates back over 2000 years. The core of our martial arts training is the Amatsu Tatara of which Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei is the 58th Generation Grandmaster. This lineage contains both spiritual and martial wisdom.


All students at the Kinkan Dojo begin by learning the fundamentals of Jujutsu and Ninpo Taijutsu, and there is a syllabus for each system up to and beyond black belt level. The basics are the building blocks of any system and allow students to progress onto higher level techniques with good skill.


Classes begin with stretching and conditioning, and formal etiquette is maintained at all times. Once all students are warmed up sufficiently, students practise their relevant techniques with a training partner, the training corresponding to the student’s respective grade level. Awareness during training is strongly encouraged, so the students can practise in safety and develop their concentration and skill.


Who Can Train?

Training is available to both men and women from 14 years of age upwards. Training is conducted in a way that allows each student to believe in their ability and reach their potential, both inside and outside of the dojo.



Students work through levels which are called kyu grades. Beginners start at 9th kyu and work through the syllabus to 1st kyu. Within a kyu grade are a number of techniques to be learnt. Students must pass a test to progress to their next level. This test is performed in front of the instructor(s) and other students, and the testing student must perform the techniques to the required level of skill. Therefore, consistent practise both in and out of the dojo is the key to performing a good test.

The techniques demonstrated or described within this web site are to be used for legitimate purposes only, in appropriate self-defence situations. Do not depend on any video, audio or manual for your safety. Your safety depends upon you and your judgement. If you are a beginner seek the guidance of a qualified, experienced and competent instructor. This material is presented for educational purposes only. When you train in any martial art or self defence system you are consenting to participate and therefore there is an assumption of risk. Use this information at your own risk. If you misinterpret or misuse any of the techniques or concepts expressed in this web site somebody could be seriously injured or killed as a result. Therefore the information contained within the web site should only be used as a supplement to competent personal instruction, safe and diligent practice, personal evaluation and balanced with the moral and legal application of any technique or tactic.


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